Sentry Tower

The Sentry Tower provides a frictionless experience that combines workplace digital communications, visitor management and virtual receptionist features in a premium 55” freestanding interactive digital display. Our cutting-edge technology transforms workspace into efficient, secure, and connected environments.

Workplace Communications

The Sentry Tower brings people together through interactive internal and external digital displays. From customizable internal messaging, displaying corporate updates and calendar integration to external brand loyalty programs, news, weather and transport updates.

Digital Receptionist

A personable and cost-effective virtual front of house solution to facilitate and update users on their daily schedule, providing clear information to ensure efficient building flow and space management. The Tower’s digital receptionist is able to manage multiple entrances across a building, improving building flow and connectivity.

Visitor Management

Visitors can use the Sentry Tower check-in feature and digital receptionist to register their attendance and guide them to their destination. Sentry Access visitor management enables Visitors to be granted access from anywhere, at any time.

Product Specifications

  • Height: 75.7”
  • Width: 30.7”•
  • Depth: 2.4”
  • Base: 31.3” wide x 18.5” deep
  • Weight: 115 lbs
  • Connectivity: WiFi/Ethernet
  • Power: 120VAC 60HZ Type B Plug
  • Operating System: Linux
  • Management: MySentryKiosk
Sentry Kiosk 2.0

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