Sentry Technology Solutions

Sentry provides scalable and secure solutions to transform workplaces into accessible connected spaces. Upgrade your workplace experience to combine mobile access, visitor management and workplace communications to allow employees, business owners, and guests to interact with their work environment in a smarter way.

Smart Building Access

Sentry provides software-defined access control that sits on top of legacy access control systems to enable keyless entry without needing to replace any hardware. Sentry Access’ cloud infrastructure works alongside NFC technology to create the fastest, most reliable and secure tap-to-unlock door access.

Smart Visitor Management

Issue digital visitor passes from anywhere, at any time with Sentry Access. Manage day-to-day access for employees, contractors, and visitors all through the Sentry App. Each digital pass is unique and can be controlled to be active for a certain time frame to ensure optimum building security.

Smart Workplace Communications

Engage your work communities with bespoke digital displays and support their needs with a virtual receptionist to bring all aspects of the workplace together. Turn your workspace into a workplace promoting connectivity through internal and external building information and updates.

Smart Building Data

Record real-time space utilization data presented via dashboards, to unlock insights on building-use. Analyze insights to form the most efficient and dynamic work environments, allowing workforces to collaborate at maximum capacity in the most sustainable manner.

Smart Building App

Enjoy Sentry solutions in your app or ours. Sentry has an open SDK framework, meaning that we can integrate into your existing building app, to extend its capabilities. Don’t have a building app? Sentry has white-label solution for you.

Smart Product Integrations

Benefit from an integrated workplace management solution. Gain keyless access to doors, gates, elevators, storage facilities, printers and more, all unified under one application. Sentry unlocks all networked access points in and around the workplace.

Ready to Go?

Whether you’re a startup or a global enterprise, we’ve got a product and plan perfect for you. Gain smart keyless entry that works with any door entry system.

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