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Sentry Interactive provides advanced digital communications and smart building access to streamline building flow and experience. Our cutting-edge technology transforms workplaces into efficient, secure, and connected environments by delivering keyless entry, visitor management and workplace solutions.

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Why Sentry

Smart Access Control Solution

Sentry Access software integrates with all major access control brand systems.

NFC Keyless Door Entry

Sentry uses smartphone NFC technology for the fastest, most reliable, and secure door entry.

Smart Visitor Management

Sentry digital credentialing saves logistical time of managing and issuing physical door passes.

Smart Unlock Data

Real time door unlock data insights to help identify building use trends and management.

Digital Communications

Internal and external messaging, displaying updates and building information.

Digital Receptionist

A personable virtual solution to aid and update users on their daily schedule and ensure efficient building flow.

Solution to the Semiconductor Chip Shortage

The semiconductor chip supply crisis has impacted the supply of access control systems, door readers and credentials.

Sentry’s cloud-based access control solution provides a building with mobile access and smart visitor management without needing to wait for that hard-to-get hardware.

Sentry Access

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Software-defined Access Control

  • Software integration with major access control brand systems.
  • Secure cloud-based access control
  • Smartphone NFC keyless entry
  • Smart visitor management with digital visitor passes
  • Highest levels of security and military grade encryption
  • 24/7 remote access management
  • Smart building door unlock data
  • Sentry Interactive app, white-labelled app or SDK

Sentry Control

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Software-defined Access Control + Access Control Hardware

  • Stand-alone smart door access control system. Installation included.
  • Secure cloud-based access control
  • Smartphone NFC keyless entry
  • Smart visitor management with digital visitor passes
  • Highest levels of security and military-grade encryption
  • 24/7 remote access management
  • Smart building door unlock data
  • Sentry Interactive app or white-labelled app or SDK

Sentry Workplace

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Integrated Workplace Management System

  • 7ft free standing 58” touch screen
  • Option to integrate Sentry Access or Sentry Control packages
  • Virtual receptionist
  • Brand visual communications & advertising
  • Capacity management
  • Room bookings & digital check-in
  • Calendar integration
  • Digital ID pass
  • Building facility communications
  • Information, news & weather notifications

Ready to Go?

Whether you’re a startup or a global enterprise, we’ve got a product and plan perfect for you. Gain smart keyless entry that works with any door entry system.

Our Software Your Way

If you have an existing building app, Sentry can integrate into it with our open SDK and APIs enhancing its capabilities for smartphone entry and mobile credentialing.

Whatever the access technology a developer wants to use, our open SDK and APIs allow for a seamless integration.

Solutions for All Sectors

Sentry Interactive delivers smart building access, visitor management, and workplace communication solutions to all industries. Modernize your workplace, wherever it may be with Sentry integrations.


Smartphone keyless entry for employees and visitors with the ability to manage multiple sites as easily as one remotely.


Maximize on-site safety, compliance, and security by making access points keyless and preventing lost or stolen access passes.


Provide tenants with contactless entry and share time-limited access to tradesmen from anywhere, at any time.


Smart keyless entry and management for schools and universities, digitalizing physical ID cards and e-registration.


Securing financial facilities and data with banking-level encryption and smartphone NFC door entry.


Provide members and guests with a mobile NFC digital pass and eliminate the need to issue physical access passes.


Save time through contactless entry and keyless storage options. No more forgetting keys, your smartphone is your key.


Introduce NFC access to your health centre for smart, safe, and seamless access and identification of staff and patients.


Maintain high levels of store security with hierarchical access control and enable keyless entry to staff only areas.

Smart Campus Access

Sentry provides smart campus access and management for higher education space. Students, staff, and facilities can benefit from smart keyless access points and permission-based credentials to ensure a safe and secure smart campus experience.

Smart Coworking Access

Sentry provides a cost-effective cloud-based access for coworking and flexible spaces. We remove the need for new access control hardware to be installed and physical credentials to be issued. Activate or terminate access from anywhere, at any time using smart visitor management and digital keys.

Smart Product Integrations

Sentry’s SDK integrates with other networked products, not just access controlled doors. Find out how your building could benefit from Smart Elevators, Smart Printers, Smart Storage, and Smart Parking.

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