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Sentry Interactive delivers smart building access, visitor management, and workplace communication solutions to all industries. Modernize your workplace, wherever it may be with Sentry integrations.

Solutions for All Sectors


Smartphone keyless entry for employees and visitors with the ability to manage multiple sites as easily as one remotely.


Maximize on-site safety, compliance, and security by making access points keyless and preventing lost or stolen access passes.


Provide tenants with contactless entry and share time-limited access to tradesmen from anywhere, at any time.


Smart keyless entry and management for schools and universities, digitalizing physical ID cards and e-registration.


Securing financial facilities and data with banking-level encryption and smartphone NFC door entry.


Provide members and guests with a mobile NFC digital pass and eliminate the need to issue physical access passes.


Save time through contactless entry and keyless storage options. No more forgetting keys, your smartphone is your key.


Introduce NFC access to your health centre for smart, safe, and seamless access and identification of staff and patients.


Maintain high levels of store security with hierarchical access control and enable keyless entry to staff only areas.

Solutions for All Departments

Risk and Compliance

It’s your job to maintain legal and regulatory compliance by researching, analyzing, and communicating regulatory requirements and obtaining the appropriate approvals.

Simply put it’s a lot of responsibility and pressure. We understand that, and here’s how we have helped others with the same pressing challenges:

  • Post-COVID workplace. (Hybrid work environments are the new normal; Capacity Management, VMS, Enhanced Access controls are key)
  • Company culture. Post Pandemic (Inclusion and diversity) FOMO,
  • Big data & people analytics. (how to spot trends and document your polices)
  • Compliance resilience.


Sometimes that “keeping the whole wheel spinning” task isn’t as easy as some may think. Operations leadership has had to manage multiple economic and health crises, unparalleled attrition, and an ever evolving workplace and employee base. These conditions have driven new employee and customer engagement protocols, remote working on an unprecedented scale, the re-engineering of supply chains, and numerous bankruptcies and consolidations. CEO’s are demanding new and creative ways of doing business. You don’t have to navigate this new world on your own, here are just a few ways we can help:
  • Business continuity
  • Reduction in attrition
  • Implementation of regulatory policy
  • Efficient management of brick and mortar facilities
  • Profitability and growth post pandemic

Front of House

Facilities professionals have to lead with purpose and Sentry Interactive enables them to do just that. Not only are you dealing with normal management of buildings, offices and people, now you have to deal with a whole new plane of existence. Here’s where we can provide facilities management with practical solutions:
  • Improving Space Utilization
  • Managing Workplace Technology
  • Managing Meeting Rooms
  • Managing Facility Maintenance
  • Planning Moves and Expansions
  • Helping Employees Navigate the Workplace
  • Improving the Employee Experience

Physical Security

Allowing for the right or credentialed access to the facility has been the long standing mission of the security team. They keep a watchful eye on the facility and the valuable assets within, providing the necessary access to keep the wrong people out and the right people feeling safe and secure. In today’s world it’s an extremely important job. Sentry Interactive can play a key role in advancing the first line of defense and access points for your team. Here are a few themes we help with, that we’re sure your security team has top of mind…
  • Focus on privacy protection
  • Cloud based access control
  • Access control aggregation
  • Mobile access control
  • Supply chain line of sight
  • Access control and video analytics solutions

Marketing & Communications

You wear a lot of hats in your world, but one of the most important is keeping the brand on track by communicating effectively with one of your most important audiences… your employees. They are the biggest advocates for your brand and without them, you are communicating empty promises to the marketplace. Sentry allows you to communicate and connect at the right time with the right people.
  • Internal marketing
  • Brand activation
  • Employee engagement
  • Revenue generating advertising
  • Predictive analytics
  • Targeted messaging structures

Value-Add Partnerships

You understand the ever-evolving world we live in, and you’re re aligning your portfolio or products to better appeal to new and existing customers. We are actively seeking strategic partners to complement our go-to-market strategy and grow your top line and our marketshare. Let’s talk about how we can help each other.
  • Revenue focused partner model
  • Easy to understand and articulate to customers
  • Straightforward installation
  • Appliance as a Service “SaaS” model

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